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4 Quick Tips to Help You Lose Weight

The diet industry is hugely profitable. The best practices for losing weight and getting healthier aren't talked about in mainstream media.

Since they don’t cost a thing.

If someone can’t make a profit, is it even true?

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The diet industry would rather you not know these tips, since they're free! - Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

The result: you're frustrated, sad, tired, and desperate for a quick fix.

You’ve spent years “dieting” or killing yourself at the gym. And the scale hasn't budged.

So what should you do? You’ve grown to hate the gym. You heard cardio was all the rage, but carrying around extra weight makes it super hard to go any distance. And you’re so jaded from the process of “watching what you’re eating,” aka dieting, that you just want to quit.

So how do you lose weight? How do you lose weight without exercise? Is it even possible?


You can do this.

There might be a temptation to give up. You might think it’s not possible for you. Here are some tips for losing weight that will help you through the process.

Have a Different Goal Than Only “Weightloss”

This seems counterintuitive. If my goal is to lose weight, why am I setting a different goal?

Our bodies are funny instruments. They are powerful, strong, and amazingly adaptable. Losing weight is not an exact science, and you will experience disappointment from the scale. We all do.

But if you’re focusing on a non-scale goal — being able to run a mile,

playing with your kids for hours, walking your dog further than before — you will maintain motivation through the challenging times. Your non-scale progress will build, giving you more confidence.

Woman in workout gear walks her dog on a pier
Set a goal to walk your dog further than ever before! - Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

It’s crazy how it works.

You can be working hard for a few weeks, and then feel progress. You’ll feel healthier, stronger, more energetic. And the scale will say the same number. It is a bit ridiculous. But when we remove all the pressure from the number on the scale, set-backs are easier to get through.

And most of us are trying to lose weight to be healthier. We know that there are side effects to the way we’re living. But it’s more comfortable to continue to grab some fast food while we’re out, rather than learning how to cook.

When health is the goal, rather than weight, it’s much better for your psyche. You bolster your mindset with the little wins that you experience and strengthen your willpower for tough times.

Build Your Willpower With Meditation

This is the biggest “secret” weapon in your arsenal. You already have it, and the diet industry can’t profit off of it (unless you count meditation apps).

Have you ever tried to meditate? We’re so busy rushing from place to place that it feels really weird to sit down, stop moving, focus, and just breathe.

We take breathing for granted most of the day. Taking shallow, short breaths — which actually trigger a stress reaction in our body. For most people, the only time they are grateful for their ability to breathe is when they have a stuffy nose and it’s taken away from them.

Once that clears up, it’s like the heavens open up, the light shines down, and you can finally breathe again!

Focusing on the breath can help you lose weight. Imagine it. You sit down, for 5 minutes you focus on breathing deeply. You try to knock away any pesky thoughts coming to mind. Refuse to fidget, even when you have a crazy itch on your nose. You’re building willpower.

You’re working your willpower muscle.

Strengthening it.

Woman meditates next to her dog
Meditating just 5 minutes a day can build your willpower. - Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

So the next time you’re staring down a plate of cookies, ice cream, potato chips...whatever your weakness is — you’ll find your reserves of willpower are stronger.

It’s not the way the diet industry will teach you how to lose weight. And they definitely won’t tell you that making small choices aligned with your goals, will snowball into bigger choices.

It’s all or nothing. No carbs for keto. No fat for heart health.

But you’ll be surprised how quickly you see the benefits. This can be the first part of your new weight-loss journey. Don’t worry about exercising, don’t worry about eating. Just sit for 5 minutes a day, breathing deeply. Workout your willpower muscle, and you’ll start losing weight quickly.

Plan for Your Weightloss Success — and Your Setbacks

This element is a bit more challenging. Planning for your success takes practice. And it takes experimentation.

If you have spent years developing your eating habits, they’re second nature to you now. It will take determined effort to change those habits. If you’ve been “dieting” for years as well, you have great data on what doesn’t work for you.

Take your knowledge into account.

If you know you aren’t going to have the motivation to hit the gym, then you’ll want to figure out how to lose weight without exercise.

Maybe you’ve tried low-carb or keto. But you know there is no way you could, or you want to, give up bread, pasta, or sweets. You’ll use that knowledge to design a weight loss plan for yourself.

Knowing what doesn’t work for you means you can focus on finding what does work for you. If you know you’re always tempted to stop by McDonald's on the way home from work, and that leads to a night of indulgence and overconsumption, try taking a different route home.

If you don’t want to have to measure all your food, count all your calories, and portion control every day, then commit to spending one day doing all your grocery shopping, meal prepping, and calorie counting. Then there’s no excuse not to eat for your goals.

Four containers of prepared, home cooked food.
If it makes it easier for you, try meal prepping ahead of time. - Photo by Ella Olsson from Pexels

If you find you’re most tempted to eat mindlessly when enjoying some Netflix at night, have a go-to snack that fits into your goals. Instead of eating whatever you find, you’re able to stick to your plans and still enjoy yourself and your Netflix.

We all face struggles regarding healthy choices. And we all fail sometimes. But the more you pay attention to your habits, and the most tempting parts of your day, the more you can design your day to strengthen your resolve, and reduce your slip-ups.

Give Yourself Time — and Permission to Fail

Even with the most conscious efforts towards success, you will still sneak that cookie. Or skip that workout.

And that’s ok.

The diet industry would have you believe that success is easy, linear, and they can help you achieve it with *insert magic solution here.* It’s just a pill, or a fad diet, or a special workout style.

It’s simply not true.

The scale will fight you. The numbers will disappoint you. You might even disappoint yourself, thinking you have to be perfect.

The secret to losing weight is not perfection — it’s consistency.

Staying on track is hard, and we all have days where we feel under the weather, less motivated, or angry that we even have to try this hard.

That’s normal. Permit yourself to indulge once in a while. Take a day off from the gym. If you treat yourself with self-respect and kindness when facing slip-ups, you’re actually less likely to “go overboard.”

You don’t “ruin” your progress by having a bad day. With a consistent, extended focus on making choices that move you towards your goals, you will be successful. And you’ll build habits that will help you stay successful.

There’s no such thing as a “diet.” Severe restrictions only garner severe rebound weight gain. By focusing on the long term, and treating yourself with kindness and forgiveness, you can start making a lifestyle change that helps you reach your goals — weight-loss and beyond!

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