Engaging and Powerful Copywriting for Founders and Entrepreneurs

Take your marketing content from Peter Parker to Spiderman

Marketing is a tricky piece of your business puzzle. You’ve found market-fit. You know your ideal client well. Your first few clients are giving you invaluable feedback.


But you’re wearing dozens of different hats: 

  • Entrepreneur

  • Accountant

  • CEO

  • Sales Person

  • Innovator

  • Market Disruptor

  • Content Writer

  • Customer Service

  • Human Resources

The list goes on and on.


You're at the point where you want to build up your audience. Word of mouth, referrals, and helping your friends' is great — but it can only take your business so far


But where? How? Is it better to focus on social media or take your chances with the all-powerful search engine algorithm?

What about SEO?


Keyword Density?


Paid ads vs organic SERPs?

Keyword research?

Do you need images?


It's a lot to learn about...and even more to add to your already overflowing plate.


It’s a struggle for you to write consistently. You've created some blogs. But your passion isn't writing. You started this business because you saw an opportunity. You saw a gap. And you're fiercely confident your solution will help people and make this world better.

You've found your superpower, and you're a modern-day superhero.


But creating compelling content isn’t what you want to spend your days doing. And you definitely don't want to offload the work to just anybody. 


It doesn't help you to delegate just to worry about it later. You need to ensure your content is enticing, attracting your ideal customer, and consistently establishing your brand's identity and voice.


That’s where I come in. I’m your copy sidekick. I take writing off of your plate. When I write for you, you get: 

  • enjoyable, relevant content targeted to your audience

  • copy written to inspire your readers to take action

  • blogs, sales pages, and marketing collateral that is designed for your business goals

Ready to see if we can take this off of your hands? 


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Let’s grow your online presence, conquer the search engine algorithm, and build your business!


How We Can Help

Attract your ideal clients to your website through strategic content, produce authoritative and relevant content regularly to satisfy Google, and have amazing leads funneling through your sales and landing pages.

Website Copy


Let's get you to the first page of Google

The beginning of any online presence is your website - your virtual real estate. I'll work with you to really understand your voice, your ideal client, and write your website's copy to attract your ideal clients.

Investment begins at $200 per page, with a minimum of 3 pages (800 words/page)

SEO-Focused Blogs


Answer your potential clients' burning questions

One of the most reliable ways to get traffic to your site is by posting well-written, engaging, authoritative content regularly. Let me take that task off of your hands and start getting even more leads from your website.

Investment begins at $250 per blog (1200 words), with a minimum of 2 blogs per month

Long Form Copy


Landing pages, white papers, and more

Sometimes you need longer copy: maybe you're growing and you'd like to start using case studies, or you're introducing a new service with it's own landing page. I'll write these up for you to get your clients to take action now.

Pricing on a per-project basis.

*bundle pricing is available for multiple services*

Have other copy needs? Schedule a complimentary consultation and see how we can help you and your business.


Just a Bit About Me

I help turn your online presence into something everyone loves. I write for three people: the reader, the skimmer, and of course, Google.


I love helping entrepreneurs like you who are innovating and changing the world. But you either:


1) don’t know where to start when it comes to online marketing


2) really don’t want to spend time figuring it out.


I totally get it.

That's where I come in. Let me help navigate your copy and make the most of your online real estate. 


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